Summer Design Ideas for Your Home


Summer is a favorite season of the year for most people, young and old. It is a time for being outside and enjoying the sun’s light, warmth and life. We often love to bring summer right in our homes by throwing some very pretty colors and patterns for our once-a-year design projects. Now of course, there are several approaches to this, but you need to be aware of the basics.

Here are tips and tricks to help you transform your home vibes into perfect summer feels this year:

Generous Sunlight

Light is the first thing you should bring inside your home if you’re looking to add a touch of summer. Since it’s impossible to imitate sunlight, you should find ways that will accommodate more of the light inside. You can probably have new windows installed or even skylights (if your space permits).

Bright Colors

Summer is essentially about color and attribute, and there’s no more effective way of proclaiming your love for this season than by splashing your home with a variety of sunny shades! Think bright greens and yellows and oranges – all these are usually associated with the summer time. Incorporate in some opposite colors and wild prints, of course, and throw those flamingos and pineapples in the mix!

Palm Designs

Palm leaf print One of the most summery prints you can possibly choose for your house is palm leaf print. Palm leaves are great, especially at lending a stunning tropical vibe to your home. They can really make you feel as though you idling time away on some island paradise.  Another thing you can do is hang a palm leaf garland, some cushions and maybe some sweet palm leaf fairy lights, check it out!

Light and Breezy

For your ultimate summer vibe, maintain a light and breezy vibe in your home the entire year. You can do this by only having to neutral colors on your walls and then accentuating with just a bold color or two. To make your house feel larger and warmer, you can start by sticking to a clean and simple design.

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor paintings are an effective way to enhancing your summer home design. Think watercolor prints in your home to go with fit the different themes of your spaces and rooms. In your kitchen,  for example, you can take the outdoors inside by pairing greens with purples.  Watercolor is gorgeously simple and right for the summer, and it can actually be purchased as wallpaper!


If you’re really keen on creating a summer feel to your home, add plants all over your house. Go for large grasses, bright-colored flowers and deep green succulents. Plants just make you feel like having nature itself as your home, view here for more details!


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